BlazeVideo Trail Camera Product Reviewer Plan

BlazeVideo Product Reviewer Plan

Want to try Trail Camera for FREE? Join BlazeVideo Product Reviewer Plan and become our long-term product reviewer!

As our product reviewer, you will receive and try out our product for free. Your responsibility is to let subscribers or visitors know how you feel about our products, what are the features you like and how to use our products. It can be in article or video form. You could post the artlcle to blog or news site, or put the video on YouTube, Facebook or Tiktok. 

What will you get from our Product Review Plan?

1.Earn commission from ShareAsale.  Please join our affiliate program at .  When there is a sale from your sharing or post, ShareAsale will send you the 5-8% commission.

2. Get Commission directly from us. In this way, we will set a custom coupon for you. When there is a sale from your sharing or post, we will send you the 5-8% commission via Paypal directly.

3. You will get the free product from us to test. If you are an excellent Influencer, we will keep you in our whitelist, and you will get all our products free of charge to test.

Please contact us at if you like to review our product.