Why I like the BlazeVideo Trail Camera


The BlazeVideo Trail Camera is an excellent game camera at a very good price. The wide angle and high resolution will allow you to clearly see anything that triggers to camera. The wide angle allows the trail camera to capture a much larger area than a camera with a lower angle. The high resolution means a clear picture and gives the ability to record HD video. This means not only will you be able to find game, but you may capture some amazing photographs of other wildlife at the same time.


The passive infra-red(PIR) sensor allows the camera to detect movement and take a picture even on the darkest nights. The quality of the night vision pictures is second to none and will please even the most critical of customers. It's amazing the quality of the picture by a camera at this price point. It's at least as good as cameras that cost $200 more!


The battery life is phenomenal. The standby mode drains so little batteries it is unbelievable. Even when recording video, this camera uses a minuscule amount of juice. The batteries last longer than those in cameras that cost twice what the BlazeVideo Trail Camera costs.


The BlazeVideo Trail Camera is an excellent remote camera that is useful for the hunter and non-hunter alike. Hunters know the benefits of a good trail camera and will be pleased with the quality and reliability of the BlazeVideo Trail Camera, while non-hunters will be shocked at the amount of wildlife the camera is able to capture. Either way, the Blazevideo Trail Camera is an excellent game camera at an even better price and I would highly recommend it.



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