Technology has witnessed exponential growth in every faction of life in the last decades. It has helped make life, work, and day to day tasks easier for us. One of the most prominent forms of technology people's lives today are smartphones, cameras, computer systems, etc. Cameras are used to capture important moments of our lives in the form of photographs or video recordings. One important type of camera — game trail camera — is an outdoor camera which can be left to take outdoor photographs or make video footage, unattended. It is mostly used for game surveillance by hunters. Although it needs to be fixed or set by humans to start functioning, it is usually self-powered. Trail cameras can capture photographs and record videos at either night or daytime, saving the files in internal memory. Researchers, hunters, security experts, and wildlife filmers use this kind of camera for various purposes because it has a high quality, and it's is not an expensive technology. It is a trusted service it and produces excellent performances. Trail cameras were invented by photographers to help them capture images and record videos of activities in a particular environment especially when they are not there. Hunters and wildlife viewers are the most common users of trail camera (also called camera trap).

The use of trail cameras increases with passing time, it has helped to detect very rare species, developed research on habitats, etc. The idea of a trail camera was born when photographers are looking for ways on how to record an expedition without being there themselves. The main working principle of a trail camera is that it can be installed in a distant location and used to record motion. A trail camera functions when you open it, select the buttons which are used to control it in the inside, close the box and secure it to a wall, tree, or any object it can be placed upon. Majority of trail cameras can record very high-quality videos or capture excellent images. Recording a video will take more memory than capturing a photograph with the trail camera. All trail cameras can be set to the suitable size and quality of the photo and video in order to get the best-desired results.

Our 16MP 1080P Game Trail Camera & Deer Hunting Cam with Night Vision Motion Activated IP66 Waterproof & Password Protected Photo and Video Model(2-Pack) is a suitable trail camera for photographers who desire quality trail cameras. The photo and video mode give three optional live working modes – Camera only, Video only, Camera + Video. In "Cam + Video" Mode, the camera takes both pictures and video at every trigger event. Our Blazevideo game camera captures max 16MP images and 1080P videos when motion detected (monochrome at night). Selects desired resolution for still photos from 3 to 16 megapixels and video resolution(pixels per frame). It renders a clear night vision, up to the 65ft/20m distance. The camera is equipped with 38pcs built-in high-efficiency infrared LEDs that function as a flash(invisible to human eyes), delivers clear photos or videos(in black & white). The Blazevideo game camera has IP66 waterproof and strong password protection, a time-elapse feature and easy to use or view on PC, a camouflage and stealth design trail camera, and a multi-functional application.

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