General Hunting Regulation

According to the general hunting regulation, it is unlawful to:

  • Conduct hunting activities while drunk or under the influence of narcotic drugs.
  • Trap or hunt game birds or mammals on a privately owned land without permission of the owner. The right to hunt on another person’s property shall be null and void unless it is made in writing.
  • Hunt game birds and animal on Sunday unless the hunter has been granted exception by the state through written edict.
  • Hunt other animals rather than deer, immediately after the Deer Firearms Season begins, except sea duck found in the Sea Duck Zone.
  • Carry a loaded firearm in a vehicle, including ammunitions in a muzzleloader or magazine ready to fire.
  • Display or carry a loaded crossbow in the vehicle. A loaded crossbow means a cocked crossbow with a bolt or arrow in the firing position.
  • Shoot across, on or from any public road.
  • Trap, hunt or shoot at a target within a distance of 150 yards of a camp or residential building without permission of the occupant or owner. In some regions, this distance is limited to 100 or 50 yards.
  • Discharge firearms within 300 yards of a learning institution while hunting. This prohibition is only effective when the building is occupied or during school hours. Institutions such as universities, colleges, and home schools are excluded in this safety zone.
  • Cast artificial light rays from a vehicle on orchards, woods, fields, livestock, wild birds or mammals, buildings or dwellings. In some regions, hunters intending to take a photograph are exempted from this prohibition provided that they are unarmed and it is not past 9:00 pm. However, foxes, coyotes, raccoons or opossums may be hunted at nighttime by use of light or a dog, although this activity can only be conducted on foot during open season.
  • Shoot a target on state properties except in selected areas.
  • Trap on state properties without permission in written form issued by the controlling agency.
  • Hunt without some form of identification.



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