Q: Do I need to buy a CD-ROM version for backup


A: It is not suggested you buy CD-ROM, as CD-ROM costs an additional fee $9.95, plus the several days delivery time and the software kept being updated. We will offer you an immediate electronic delivery with detailed download guide. It is very easy and fast, just one click, you will own the full version same as CD. And we have a free update and retrieve policy, if you lost the program or plan to update, just please send us your initial order info, we will send you a latest new version.


Q: I have purchased your software, but have not received my software, what should I do?


A: After your successful payment, an order confirmation email (Order Receipt) will be sent to you immediately. You can find all your order information like order ID, purchase date, total payment, license code and download link for your software.


Please allow 24 hours to let the email reaches you because of the Internet issue. If still fail to find your Order Receipt in Inbox, please look for it in your Trash box. If fail again, please send your purchase email address to our support staff at service@blaze-video.co.uk. Our professional technical support staff will resend your order information within 24 hours.


Q: I have received an online delivery email with download URL, but have no idea how to download?


A: 1. Open Internet Explorer, paste the download link to your Internet Explorer address;

2. Press "Enter" and click "Save" in the pop up download box;

3. Specify a folder to save the software into your hard disk, you will begin to download the software;


Q: My computer crashes, can I re-download my software?


A: Yes, there is no time limit on software download. We offer free online download service in lifetime. Whenever you need to re-download your software, go to our free download webpage http://www.blazevideo.net/download/.


Q: What is the difference between trial version and full version?


A: We offer free trial version for all our products to help you make good decision. In trial version, you can enjoy the full features of the software free of charge. But there is time limit, for example, you can enjoy 14-day free trial for our HDTV Player. Once the trial version expires, you need to purchase it if you want to go on using it.


The full version means the registered version. For paid users, once they install the software and register with their license code or serial number, they will get full version on their computer.


Q: I have purchased your software, download it and install it, when I launch it, it shows trial version, why?


A: You will find your licensee code (serial number) in your Order Receipt. Please register your software with the license code or serial number. Then you can enjoy the full version.


Q: When I register, I got error "The product key found on your computer has been detected on multiple computers....", how can I register it on my computer?


A:To prevent the piracy problem and protect your rights, our products are specially designed one serial number (license code) can be only used on one computer. The error message will appear if any of the following happens:

a. you try to use the same license code on two or more computers

b. you have used a different email address when you re-register your software

c. you try to register it after you have formatted hard drive

To fix this problem, please send your order ID and license code to our support staff at service@blaze-video.co.uk. Our support staff will reset your registration information to re-activate your license code.


Q: I have purchased your software, but I lost my registry key, how to retrieve it?


A: If you lost your serial number (license code), please send your order ID or purchase email address to our support staff at service@blaze-video.co.uk. Our support staff will retrieve your serial number for you within 24 hours.

I download my software and register with license code, but I got "Invalid registration information!", why?


A: First of all, please check if you have installed the correct software and the correct version. For specified products, we have several versions. Each version has its own license code.

Second, please check if you have entered your license code correctly. It is recommended to copy and paste the license code for registration.

Finally, if the error message still appears, please send your order ID or license code to our support staff at service@blaze-video.co.uk. Our support staff will fix it and send you the valid license code within 24 hours.


Q: I have installed my software on my computer, recently I have a new laptop. How to move it to my new laptop?


A: To move your software to another computer, your license code should be reset for re-registration. Please send your order ID or license code to our support staff at service@blaze-video.co.uk. Our support staff will reset your license code within 24 hours to let you re-download the software onto your new laptop and register.


Q: Do you upgrade your software? If I purchase your product, what should I do to upgrade it?


A: To provide most professional software and our best service, we keep updating our software unceasingly. We upgrade policy is:

Free upgrade for minor version update. Discount at full price for major version upgrade.


Q: I have no PayPalaccount, can I purchase with my Visa?


A: Yes, we accept several the most common-used payment methods like Visa, Alipay, American Express, Discover/Novus, Bank/Wire Transfer, Diner Club, JCB, Paypal, Fax.


Q: What is your refund policy?


A: We promise 30 day full money back guarantee.

If you want to refund your order, please send your refund request to service@blaze-video.co.uk, as well as attach a detailed refund explanation. Our support staff will deal with your refund request within 24 hours.


Q: I am noticed that my order has been refunded. But I still can not get my money back till now, why?


A: Please allow 5-7 days to let the money back to your credit.