About BlazeVideo

Founded in 2002, BlazeVideo, Inc. is an industry-leading software developer, who mainly focuses on developing, producing and marketing multi-media entertainment applications for PCs and mobile devices including tablets, PCs, laptops, smart phones, feature phones, media players, etc.

With over 10 years' unceasingly developing and improving on imaging and video technologies, BlazeVideo has published a large variety of DVD & video software, including DVD playback software, DVD copy, DVD converter, video converter, video editing software, video sharing software, photo editing software, image sharing software, YouTube downloader software, DTV player software, DTV recorder software, as well as recorded DTV converter.

In addition to above-mentioned entertainment software and advanced audio/video/image technologies, BlazeVideo also provides free direct online download and 100% secure purchasing via our online store for all our products. Our mission is to bring first-class video/audio/photo solutions for customers, make profit to our partners, and create highest added-value for our products. Together with the professional 24x7 technical support online or via Email, BlazeVideo is building its special customer service in specific markets all over the world.

Since the first BlazeVideo HDTV Player published in June, 2005, BlazeVideo has become the world-first DTV software provider. Besides supporting the most global mobile digital standards including DVB-S (satellite), DVB-S2, DVB-C (cable), DVB-T, ATSC, ISDB-T, CMMB, DMB-TH, etc. for Windows computers or laptops, BlazeVideo also has special versions based on Linux and Android. Welcome any USB device manufacturers around the world to establish OEM cooperation with us, please contact tracy@blaze-video.co.uk at anytime.